Hi!  I'm Little Gray Guy!
My Little Gray Bio

Hi! I'm Little Gray Guy!

I'm sure you're wondering what a cat is doing with his own website. The story (in a nutshell) is that I was saved from certain death by a kind but exploitive photographer, who decided to bring fame and publicity to himself by making me the most famous cat on the web. I know should be more grateful to him for saving my little gray life, but I like peace and tranquility and harmony--not naked human females. So here's my sad story . . . .

I'm Little Gray Guy and you're not

I was born in May 2000 in North Hollywood, California. I don't remember much about my mother, and never knew my father who was probably an itinerant and randy tom cat. When I was about six weeks old, my mother went out to forage for food for us, but she never returned. Thus, I was left an orphan, and my siblings and I became a feline Diaspora as we realized it was every kitten for him (or her) self. I have not seen any of my brothers or sisters since.

After a few days without food I was fast becoming too weak to hunt, and my hunting skills were not fully developed anyway. But then I smelt the beautiful fragrance of cooking fish, and decided to head for the source. I came to what I now know was a road and attempted to cross, but was hit by a giant metal car, that threw me high into the air.

I was tossed onto a sidewalk and landed with a horrible crunch. I realized my two rear legs were broken, and I struggled to hide my poor broken body behind a hedge, where I lay in agonizing pain for hours. I started to mew as hard as I could, but I don't know why as I really couldn't expect any help. I was outside a restaurant called Sushi 101 on Moorpark Street, in North Hollywood (in the notorious San Fernando Valley). My little nostrils were filled with the over-powering aroma of fish, and through a window I could see humans eating fishy delights, both cooked and raw.

Sushi 101, North Hollywood

So I resigned myself to a slow and painful death, though the irony of being so close to so much food was painfully obvious to me. But I kept mewing as hard as I could, and this paid off when suddenly a human hand burst into the hedge and tried to grab me. I ducked away and hissed, but realized that whether this was death or deliverance I would be better off, so I surrendered. The hand was owned by a male human, and I was taken to a large truck, put into the cargo section, and driven away.

When we finally stopped, the human tried to take me out of the truck, but I hissed and looked mean and he closed the door, but minutes later he returned and threw something over me so I couldn't see. When he grabbed me I was so scared I pooped myself and messed up the inside of his truck. I bet that annoyed him!

I was taken into a place full of other furry creatures in little cages. A kind male human in a white coat washed me, then examined me, then put me under a machine, then examined me some more, and then put me in a cage. The first human (his name is Marco) came back to look at me, but I just hissed at him. I didn't know it at the time, but the cage was to be my home for the next twenty-five days.

I like to climb the screen door!

At first, I didn't leave the cage at all, except for the occasional examination, and hissed at everyone. Then one day, I was put on a big table, and fell asleep and when I woke up my rear half was shaved, and my legs were wrapped up. It hurt more than the broken legs at first, but then the pain faded and I could walk better. Marco used to come in and see me occasionally, and pick me up and make a fuss of me.

Then one day he came and put me in a box and drove me to his house, where I now live. At first, I couldn't walk properly on my left rear leg, and put my paw down top first. But as I got to running around and being a kitten again, my leg became stronger, and now I walk normally.

Good grooming is a sign of good breeding

I'm pretty happy with my situation and I always have water and dry food to eat, though Marco feeds me wet food just once a day (I'm always complaining that I want it all the time). I get to sleep on his bed at night, and often sneak under the covers when I want to be cuddled. Other favorite places are the linen closet, and on top of a video editing monitor, where I have a little bed made for me so I can catnap while my human works. Marco does other nice things too--for my birthday one year, he had a special LittleGray Flag designed for me, and another time we went on an outing to Burbank and were on the radio--I had a lot of fun that day!

Although posing with naked human females is not really that bad (although I sometimes have my sleep disturbed to do it), my main gripe is that Marco is exploiting my handsome feline face. After all the trials and tribulations of my early life, I know it's better to be a world-famous web cat; but in all honesty I wouldn't mind living the quiet life of a normal house kitty.


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