Greg Drew


Greg and I built the first version of the LittleGrayGuy website in about twelve hours, on the first Sunday in December 2000. We'd recently worked with a very popular model named Kiki, and during a photo set Kiki picked up LittleGrayGuy and I grabbed a shot. Struck by LittleGrayGuy's feline handsomeness, she said, "He should have his own website," and exactly one month later, was online.

After Greg died I went looking for photos of him to post here. I found one with him and four month old LittleGrayGuy at my desk. LittleGray had a habit of climbing Greg's jeans and sinking his tiny claws into Greg's legs as he climbed--which annoyed Greg, and amused me. I found another photo of Greg and his long-time girlfriend, Katie Morgan, at an AVN show in Las Vegas.

Greg was an excellent photographer, and I've posted four photos below that he shot. He'd buy weird, funky old cameras off eBay, and shoot black and white film while I was shooting the paying content.

Greg became ill in early 2008, and was diagnosed with pancreatitis. He had a few short stays in hospital, and we were hopeful he'd get better. Unfortunately that was not to be, and around Thanksgiving he had a major operation and afterwards was placed in an ICU. Greg and Katie had moved to Las Vegas, and when I drove out there in the first week of the new year, he was still in the ICU. I spent two sessions with him, and was saddened to see how he'd been reduced and could now only talk in a low whisper. For the next few weeks, we communicated via text and gossiped and reminisced about the good old days. He told me he was slowly feeling better, but then one Friday morning Katie called me, and when I answered all I heard was her crying, and I knew the worst had happened.

Greg died on January 23rd 2009--he was 48 years old--and a few days later we had a memorial for him in Rick's Tavern, a Santa Monica bar where we used to hang out. Katie flew in from Vegas, and brought with her a short movie she'd made about Greg from a collection of video bits, stills, and music. She showed the video on a laptop in the bar, and everyone cried. And then I made a toast to Greg, and we all drank to him, and to our memories of him.


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